Baby Shower Thank You Notes - A Simple Guide

Published: 14th February 2006
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This guide will take the struggle out of writing thank you notes for all of the wonderful baby shower gifts you have received in anticipation of Baby's arrival.

When family, friends and co-workers ask to host a baby shower in your honor, it's a lovely testament to your friendships. Showers and other gift-giving opportunities are not an expected event during everyone's pregnancy, thus when a friend offers to host a shower, your role is to be as gracious as possible before the shower, on the day of the event and the days following the party.

While you may have acknowledged the gift giver for their present at your shower, modern traditions suggest that you also send a hand written note. Thank you notes should be sent within one week of receiving a gift, however, if time has flown by and you still haven't sent out your notes, remember that a late note is better than no note at all. Try to write them and send them as soon as possible. Thank you notes should first be sent to your host(s), then to all the guests who brought gifts to your shower. It's recommended to send a thank you note immediately for a gift that arrived in the mail. The gift giver will appreciate knowing that you received the gift and will be happy to have received a note so quickly.

Thank you notes are meant to simply acknowledge the gift giver for their present. While each note will be different, they will all follow the same pattern: they express thanks for the gift, include an identifying or describing sentence, and include a statement on how the gift will be used. Each note contains one final thank you before the closing sentiment. Here are a few samples to help you get started.

Dear Traci,

It was very thoughtful of you to think of us and send the box of washcloths, bubble bath, and water toys for our new arrival. Thanks to your complete bath ensemble, we're sure to have the cleanest baby in town. All my thanks.



Dear Ursula,

Thank you so much for the baby bottles. It has been extremely helpful to have so many, since Mike and I are working double time with the feedings. We really appreciate your thoughtful gift and for helping us welcome our new babies, Ben and Joey, into our family.



Thank you notes are important, because they let people know you received the gift, especially if it was sent. The note also lets the gift giver know you and your spouse appreciate their gift and that it will be put to good use. Finally, taking the time to write a note reassures the gift giver that you value their friendship and appreciate the time and money they put into choosing a gift and coming to your shower.

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Jenna on September 13, 2011 said:
Baby showers are great and so enjoyable for everyone involved. This article is useful because it is important that the mum-to-be shows how grateful she is for the effort that has been put in.

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